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> Posture vases.

by Carl Kleiner

Taking inspiration from photographer Carl Kleiner's 2014 series "postures", Kleiner and Bloc studios have collaborated to create "Posture vases".




> Voie Lights — The stone edition.

by Sabine Marcelis.

The voie light series is the result of an investigation into the manipulation of light-paths. Having chosen neon as the primary light source, the designed objects create an interception on the path the light follows through the addition of a singular extra material.



> Blocks.

by Apartamento magazine.

Bloc studios and Apartamento magazine have joined forces to create a special collaboration in marble. Inspired by the architectural nature of the timeless children’s game, Blocks is the new and modern version of the classic wooden building blocks. 



> Marmo Domestico.


"Marmo Domestico"— collection n°1 presents a range of domestic objects designed by THEVOZ — CHOQUET. This collection aims to re(use) excess parts of industrially salvaged marble blocks in the quarries of Carrara.



> The Foundation series.

by Joseph Magliaro.

The Foundations series for Bloc Studios was designed by Joseph Magliaro of Table of Contents between 2014-2016. Each piece is structured around the pairing of a stone base with a metal supplement/platform.




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