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> Affinità Elettive

By Studiopepe

The collection is inspired by the scientific explanation of the expression "elective affinities" which comes from the characteristic of some chemical compounds that, although linked to another element, tend to leave the first connection in order to create a new one with a third element.

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> Fat rolls

By Odd matter

The idea of the Fatrolls comes from the study of the use of marble in the ancient sculpture and the qualities that characterize it as material. For centuries marble has been chosen by sculptors for its qualities and for the realistic representation of the body that it allows to be obtained.

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> Ondamarmo

By Federica Elmo

ONDAMARMO series includes 6 objects: one big dining table, two small tables, three shelves and a tray designed as an evolution of the shapes of the Onda metal tables from 2017. Onda is an exploration on industrial finishes applied to expressive forms inspired by water and sea life producing a visual clash.

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> Inlay

By Nick Ross

The collection includes a chair, a coffee table and two side tables in a stripped down minimal style.The collection for Bloc studios is inspired by the coloured marble inlay floors popularized by the Romans in the ‘opus sectile’ style and later reintroduced during the Italian Renaissance in the form of ‘pietra dura’ work.


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> Avalon

by Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi

The “Avalon” series consists of 3 sculptural vases, made of White Arabescato Marble or mixed colored marble.


> Totem 

by Objects of common interest

A series of stackable, vertically interchangeable marble elements that creates different variations for acenterpiece tray element, a sculptural totem.



> Posture vases.

by Carl Kleiner

Taking inspiration from photographer Carl Kleiner's 2014 series "postures", Kleiner and Bloc studios have collaborated to create "Posture vases".




> Voie Lights — The stone edition.

by Sabine Marcelis.

The voie light series is the result of an investigation into the manipulation of light-paths. Having chosen neon as the primary light source, the designed objects create an interception on the path the light follows through the addition of a singular extra material.


> Blocks.

by Apartamento magazine.

Bloc studios and Apartamento magazine have joined forces to create a special collaboration in marble. Inspired by the architectural nature of the timeless children’s game, Blocks is the new and modern version of the classic wooden building blocks. 



> Marmo Domestico.


"Marmo Domestico"— collection n°1 presents a range of domestic objects designed by THEVOZ — CHOQUET. This collection aims to re(use) excess parts of industrially salvaged marble blocks in the quarries of Carrara.


> The Foundation series.

by Joseph Magliaro.

The Foundations series for Bloc Studios was designed by Joseph Magliaro of Table of Contents between 2014-2016. Each piece is structured around the pairing of a stone base with a metal supplement/platform.




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