Bloc studios

All objects

> Inlay. 

Dimensions :

Table I : 430 x 430 x 530 mm

Table II : 380 x 380 x 700 mm

Table III : 800 x 860 x 300 mm

Materials :

Table I : Portugal pink + Pietra Serena or Portugal pink + Green Jade

Table II : Portugal pink + Pietra Serena or Portugal pink + Green Jade

Table III : Portugal pink + Pietra Serena or Portugal pink + Green Jade



> Totem.

Dimensions :

Totem I : Ø 400 x 245 mm

Totem II : Ø 400 x 245 mm

Materials :

Totem I :green jade half sphere, portugal pink plate , noir antique base, white carrara tube.

Totem II : pietra serena cone, white carrara plate, noir antique base, white carrara tube.



> Avalon Series.


Clelia : Ø240 x 310 mm

Cassius : Ø240 x 360 mm

Iris : Ø 240 x 260 mm


Materials :

Clelia : white carrara or noir antique + rosa portogallo

Cassius : white carrara or noir antique + green jade

Iris : white carrara or noir antique 



> Voie lights.

Dimensions :

Small round: marble : 160x200x35mm, neon : Ø250mm

Small oval : marble : 160x200x35mm, neon : 350x250mm.

Medium table : marble : 500x140x35 mm, neon : Ø400mm.

Medium wall : marble : Ø350mm, neon : Ø600mm.


Materials :

White arabescato or/Green onyx matte finish, glass neon tube, Transformer, electric cable, plug and switch.



> Posture series.


Vase n°1 : 400x70x70mm

Vase n°2 : 575 x 90 x 90mm

Vase n°3 : Ø160 x 265mm


Various marbles or onyx & brass.



> The foundation series.


chair : 970x790x600mm

bench : 1050x530x300mm



chair : white arabescato, matte finish, white coated metal.

bench : black kinitra, matte finish, black coated metal.



> Blocks.


150x150x30mm / 1500x1500x300mm


Materials :

white carrara / black khenifra.


> Marmo Domestico.

Giovanni n°1, Floor candle holder, 1300x200x200mm.

Giovanni n°2, candle holder, 320x120x120mm.

Zeno, Wall mirror, Shelf, Ø500x30mm, 1000x150x30mm.

Mario, Large container, 600x110x80mm.

David, Centerpiece, 600x200x90mm.

Romeo n°1, Oval tray, 400x200x50mm.

Romeo n°2, Large oval tray, 500x250x50mm.

Stefano, Large circular tray, 350x350x50mm.

Alfredo, Table, 1500x400x765mm.


Giancarlo, side table /Stool, 400x400x465mm.

Dario, Coffee table, 465x350x350mm.

Rebecca, Plant pot, 230x230x150mm.

Roberta, Hanging plant pot, 250x250x130mm.

Marco, Box n°1, 320x65x50mm.

Ernesto, Box n°2, 320x65x50mm.

Eugenio, Box n°3,320x65x50mm.

Massimo, Box n°3,320x65x50mm .

Palla, Marble ball, Ø80mm.

Fede,Large floor pot, Ø290x240mm.

Fede,Medium floor pot, Ø200x180mm.