Bloc studios



"Archive wants to pay homage to the material since its early uses and especially wants to bring to light some of the rarest and most precious materials from our mountains.The first edition of this side project, sees as protagonists some vases and plates hand-carved by local artisans in the late 60’s with materials such as chalcedony, breccia Medicea and Quarto."

— Sara Ferron Cima
Starting from the Greeks, through the Renaissance up to the present day, we have always heard about marble and its use. Since ancient times, it was used for great architecture and important achievements for us today is the undisputed witness to ancient civilizations and synonymous of quality and prestige. One of the largest deposits in the world of marble is on the Apuan mountains. Its quarries, operating since Roman times, over the years have shaped the landscape and still characterize its flux. Bloc studios revolves around marble world and its history, constantly trying to find a balance between the use of the material and the philosophy of re-use.