April 18th-23rd - 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

@Convey - Via Dell'Aprica 12, Milano


On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Bloc Studios presents a limited series of tables designed by Koos Breen (NL).

6th - 12th June 2022 10am - 7pm

ORDET via Adige 17

MDW22 Bloc Studios + NM3

Bloc Studios and NM3 have teamed-up to present an exclusive steel + marble furniture series based around the concept of rarity and uniqueness.

6th - 12th June 2022 11am - 7pm

Palazzina Sunnei via Privata Pietro Cironi 15

MDW22 SUNNEI X Bloc Studios

SUNNEI designs meet Bloc Studios’ material-driven approach in a collaborative collection metamorphosing all the typical objects of a dining room into one-of-a-kind marble pieces.

Special project

Bloc studios x Tableau

The Bloc Studios x Tableau series is the collaboration between two entities sharing the same aesthetic of raw design, in its most natural way but also with a sharp and brutalist approach.

The vases are composed of a stone pedestal and a steel pipe. Each one of them is unique due to the use of a particular marble bloc with its own cut, colours and veins. The two sections are not fixed by a joint; the marble stone simply welcomes the steel pipe as a part of its essence, a part which can be easily detached and filled with water to accommodate flowers.

31-1-2020 / 6:30 pm

@ Riviera, Via Gorani 4, Milano

Piano piano, piano, a film research by Luca A.Caizzi & Francesca Pavoni

Piano Piano, Piano is the second film research written and produced by Luca A. Caizzi and Francesca Pavoni, with the participation of Bloc Studios, narratively born from a real-life story. The main characters are a grand piano and a young skinny boy. The musical instrument is located in a room: a beautiful living room of an old and classical Milanese house. We hear the melody of a popular Italian song, but we cannot see who is playing. Standing next to the grand piano is a boy, young, well-dressed, in a meditative state. He doesn’t fully understand the situation, he’s there in contemplation while drinking some water. He listens but he isn’t really overwhelmed by the catchy melody. In the meantime of simple gestures like drinking and looking at what surrounds him, the music flows undisturbed. The boy, with a shaved head and a mohawk, sings. His voice is loud, off-key, it echoes in the living room. He is not conscious of what he did until he wakes up from his illusory calmness, looks around and falls silent. He is alone and luckily no one witnessed his performance.

Credits Directed by: Luca A. Caizzi Dp: Francesca Pavoni Art Direction: Isabella Petricca, Luca A. Caizzi Styling: Giulia Revolo Music by: thanks to Jimmi Fontana Sound Design: Lorenzo D'Anniballe Granding: Daniel Pallucca Starring: Moro19 Graphic Design: Marco Radaelli

Piano piano, piano on Vimeo

Salone del mobile 19

@ Alcova Sasseti, Milano, Italy

MDW 2019

At the next Milano Design Week, Bloc Studios will present three new series of objects created in collaboration with designer Federica Elmo, Odd Matter and Studiopepe.

The new collections are a journey through sculptural forms, shades of color and games of elective affinities between elements that come together and apart to generate new shapes.

The new collections will be immersed in the dreamlike atmosphere of Justin Morin’s and the textile company 4Spaces installation at the new ALCOVA SASSETTI s pace.


Special project


Starting from the Greeks, through the Renaissance and up to present day, we have always known about marble and its use. Since ancient times, it was used for great architecture and important achievements. Today marble is still considered the undisputed witness of ancient civilizations and synonymous with quality and prestige.

One of the largest marble deposits in the world is on the Apuan mountains. These quarries, operating since Roman times, have shaped the landscape and still characterize its flux over the years. Bloc Studios revolves around the marble world and its history, constantly trying to find a balance between the use of the material and the philosophy of re-purpose. «Archive» wants to pay homage to the material since its early uses and specifically bring to light some of the rarest and most precious materials from our mountains.

The first edition of this side-project shows as protagonists some vases and plates hand-carved by local artisans between the 60’s and the 70’s by materials such as Chalcedony, Breccia Medicea and Alabaster.

Download the catalogue

Salone del mobile 18

@ Alcova, Milano, Italy

MDW 2018

At the next Milan Design Week, Bloc Studios will present three new series of objects created in collaboration with designers Valentina Cameranesi and Nick Ross, and design studio Objects of Common Interest. These collections will be showcased at the new ALCOVA space.
For the first time, these objects combine marble with new hues, which range from the Portugal pink and jade green of the accessories by Nick Ross, to the pietra serena, white arabesque, and noir antique of the vases by Valentina Cameranesi, with which marble takes on a more organic, anthropomorphic shape. In addition to all this, thanks to the collaboration with Objects of Common Interest, research and experimentation give life to a series of colourful sculptural totems.



@ Matter NY

Marble Matters @ Matter NY

Matter is hosting Bloc studios. 

Matter is a New York City based gallery, showroom, and manufacturer, representing a refined selection of national and international contemporary design. Architects and interior designers around the world look to Matter to take the temperature of the current state of design and to look for inspiration. Matter is not just a place to purchase beautiful things, but also a platform for an ongoing conversation about design by the design community and the public alike.



@ Gallery S. Bensimon, Paris, France

Marble Matters @ Gallery Bensimon

At the intersection of beauty, responsible and functional Gallery S. Bensimon offers creative and design talents to the needs of architects, interior designers, to the delight of fans and collectors, a customized service contemporary, but still reasonable emotional. Lines of objects and furniture where young designers speaks freely and making available the beautiful and rare.


Special project

Inlay Collection

Nick Ross is a designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His research focuses on the complex repertoire of history, particularly ancient history, where he finds  the factors with which to interpret the relationship between the user and contemporary design. Using storytelling as a pretext and applying an always critical approach, Nick Ross is interested in investigating facts and happenings that have determined specific cultural balances; every project comes from the desire to create ideal or real bridges between the present society and that of the past.

The collection includes a chair, a coffee table and two side tables in a stripped down minimal style.The collection for Bloc studios is inspired by the coloured marble inlay floors popularized by the Romans in the ‘opus sectile’ style and later reintroduced during the Italian Renaissance in the form of ‘pietra dura’ work.


04.04 to 09.04.2017

@ Piano Attico, Milano, Italy

MDW 2017

Bloc Studios invites you to “Marble Matters”, an exhibition at the intersection of design and craftsmanship. The selected works of Carl Kleiner and Sabine Marcelis explore themes such as flowers interactions and light paths, both linked by the undiscussed material of Bloc Studios universe: marble and natural stones.



Mediateca di Santa Teresa, Milano, Italy

Bloc Studios x Haeckels for Wallpaper*Handmade

Bloc Studios will participate at the Wallpaper* Handmade project with an in-house designed series for the brand Haeckels.


Special project

Régime des Fleurs

"Dregs" by Régime des Fleurs and Bloc Studios is a limited edition exclusive candle for Maxfield Los Angeles." The Shape of the Vessel takes inspiration from the Epics luxury perfumes bottles and is made by a matte gray marble with a ball shaped lid created by bloc studios in Italy. The Regime des fleurs emblem is in gunmetal gray.

The wax is scented with Dregs, a fragrance handmade by Regime des fleurs in their studio in Los Angeles. It's a dark elegant scent that features a 40 millions year fossilized amber resin, Hiba wood and Ho wood oils, cedar and sandalwood, and notes of red wine, rose, smoke and black leather.


13.05 — 16.05.16

The Grace Building, New York

Sight Unseen offsite / ICFF New York (USA)

The Foundations series for Bloc Studios was designed by Joseph Magliaro of Table of Contents between 2014-2016. Each piece is structured around the pairing of a stone base with a metal supplement/platform. The two components are not fixed by a joint; they simply overlap to form a supportive assemblage, remaining open to the possibility that either supplement or base can be altered or replaced as new materials, forms, and finishes are made available.


12.04 — 17.04.16

Spazio Sunnei, Milano, Italy

Blocks @ spazio Sunnei

Bloc studios and Apartamento magazine have joined forces to create a special collaboration in marble. Inspired by the architectural nature of the timeless children’s game, Blocks is the new and modern version of the classic wooden building blocks. Carved out of marble salvaged from the Carrara marble industry, with blocks we invite you to create as many architectural composition as you can, at home or in the office.


Opening — 06.10.15

@Chamber, New York

Bloc studios @ Chamber NY

Bloc studios was selected by Andrew Zuckerman to be part of Chamber’s Collection  #2 “Human | Nature”.

The collection investigates the theme of how the natural world interacts with man's living environment. Andrew Zuckerman sought out objects that utilized or echoed materials, forms and rhythms found in the natural world.

The collection explores how nature interacts with the built environment and investigates how objects have a transformative effect on our lives.The collection explores how nature interacts with the built environment and investigates how objects have a transformative effect on our lives.

Andrew Zuckerman is an American photographer and filmmaker, whose multi-disciplinary practice spans photography, narrative, documentary, and conceptual film. Zuckerman has been deeply invested in an exploration of the natural world. Since 2007, he has produced a body of work that encompasses over 500 species of birds, animals, and plant life.


Special project

Studio David Thulstrup

"We wanted to leave the obsession of the ‘perfect’ body - and highlight the beauty within the imperfection […] We wanted to invite the viewer to associate freely but lead their thoughts to the beach - whether it is two people lying on top of an inflated mattress floating on the ocean, a person that is all packed up with a backpack heading for the beach, a picnic sandwich ready to be eaten or associations of squeezed flesh and body."


To celebrate the summer of 2015, Studio David Thulstrup experimented with the ideas of beach season. Studio David Thulstrup is a Danish design company that works in the field of architecture, interior and design.