Piano piano, piano, a film research by Luca A.Caizzi & Francesca Pavoni

Piano Piano, Piano is the second film research written and produced by Luca A. Caizzi and Francesca Pavoni, with the participation of Bloc Studios, narratively born from a real-life story. The main characters are a grand piano and a young skinny boy. The musical instrument is located in a room: a beautiful living room of an old and classical Milanese house. We hear the melody of a popular Italian song, but we cannot see who is playing. Standing next to the grand piano is a boy, young, well-dressed, in a meditative state. He doesn’t fully understand the situation, he’s there in contemplation while drinking some water. He listens but he isn’t really overwhelmed by the catchy melody. In the meantime of simple gestures like drinking and looking at what surrounds him, the music flows undisturbed. The boy, with a shaved head and a mohawk, sings. His voice is loud, off-key, it echoes in the living room. He is not conscious of what he did until he wakes up from his illusory calmness, looks around and falls silent. He is alone and luckily no one witnessed his performance.

Credits Directed by: Luca A. Caizzi Dp: Francesca Pavoni Art Direction: Isabella Petricca, Luca A. Caizzi Styling: Giulia Revolo Music by: thanks to Jimmi Fontana Sound Design: Lorenzo D'Anniballe Granding: Daniel Pallucca Starring: Moro19 Graphic Design: Marco Radaelli