by Odd matter

The idea of the Fatrolls comes from the study of the use of marble in the ancient sculpture and the qualities that characterize it as material. For centuries marble has been chosen by sculptors for its qualities and for the realistic representation of the body that it allows to be obtained.

The translucent and waxy appearance of the marble creates such an expressive texture that it makes it look alive and similar to our skin. Marble animates the inanimate object. This vase and its shape are inspired by an important historical moment of Bernini's sculpture: "il Ratto di Proserpina”. The grab of Pluto's hand on Proserpina's soft body inspired the shape of this vase. The roundish line of this masterpiece of classical art brings to Odd Matter's mind the fat rolls on babies' arms. This affinity becomes what the designers want to represent with Fatrolls vase through the beauty of marble.