OCI Totem I - II

By Objects of Common Interest

Objects of Common Interest is a Greek design studio with a focus on creating objects and still life installations in search of inspirational moments in materiality, process, and concept. Objects of Common Interest is formed by Eleni Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, founding partners of LOT office for architecture based in New York and in Greece.

Totem I and Totem II are composed of stackable, vertically interchangeable marble elements that create different variations for a centerpiece tray element in the form of a sculptural totem.

“Elements touching and being helped by their weight, but not being permanently attached, contrasting materials being seen together in seemingly non-matching combinations. In this case, the concept derives from composing basic volumetric shapes by stacking, seemingly balancing, carefully calibrated, delicate looking but invisibly held together by a thin marble rod. The concept is further expanded vertically and geometrically to create larger compositions, transforming an everyday object used for holding elements, into a sculptural centerpiece.”