by Federica Elmo

The ONDAMARMO series by Federica Elmo includes 6 objects: The XL dining table, two smaller size tables, three shelves and a tray designed as an evolution of the shapes of the Onda metal tables from 2017. Onda is an exploration on industrial finishes applied to expressive forms inspired by water and sea life producing a visual clash. Bringing the same approach of Onda to a higher level with marble

For ONDAMARMO, Federica Elmo developed, together with industry specialists, a 3D inkjet printing with liquid paint, completely new processing. The challenge is to hybridize the surface of the marble by working on transferring images that play with the ambiguity of fiction and reality. The aim of this project is to investigate textures and color reflections also as a ploy to elevate second-choice marble slabs into something unique and precious.