Egg Cups
Egg Cups
Egg Cups

Egg Cups

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White marble, Travertino

⌀ 80 mm / h. 40mm

Sabine Marcelis

As an alternative to a bowl or tray, these objects create a barrier yet don’t have the expected form language of other table vessels. The Marmo Donuts don’t instantly give away their function and can live as objects not-in-use just as well as when they are being used.

- Packing: cardboard box
- Packaging dimensions: 36x27x18 cm
- Tot. Weight: 1 kgs

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"The products on sale are handmade and their quality reflects unique standards of production based on singular craftsmanship and bespoke finishings. Marble is a metamorphic and organic rock, in consequence, each product is unique due to its natural diversity."

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